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Open die forging and forging machines

forging press and manipulator

Open-die forging can produce forgings from a few pounds up to more than 150 tons. Called open-die because the metal is not confined laterally by impression dies during forging, this process progressively works the starting stock into the desired shape, most commonly between flat-faced dies. In practice, open-die forging comprises many process variations, permitting an extremely broad range of shapes and sizes to be produced. In fact, when design criteria dictate optimum structural integrity for a huge metal component, the sheer size capability of open-die forging makes it the clear process choice over non-forging alternatives. At the high end of the size range, open-die forgings are limited only by the size of the starting stock, namely, the largest ingot that can be cast.

The main open die forging machines include below:
1,Seamless Rolled Ring machine
Seamless Rolled Ring machine have vertical and horizontal type. the vertical type ring rolling machine always produce the rings OD from 200mm to 1200mm,the horizontal type ring rolling machine always produce the ring OD from 800mm to 12000mm.
2,Open die forging hammer
Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer includes hydraulic-gas open die forging hammer and fully hydaulic open die forging hammer, both are widely accepted in modern open die forging plants, suitable for producing various open die forgings, such as shaft forgings, ring forgings, gear blanks, flanges etc.
3,Open die forging press
Hydraulic open die forging press is a fully hydraulic controlled forging equipment which using the hydraulic pressure to transfer energy. It is mainly used to forge alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel and other metal. The forging press is mainly used for industrial open die forging work, upsetting, punching, reaming, stagger, cutting, bending, drawing etc forging technology.


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