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Chinese Academy of Engineering Visiting Anyang Forging Press

January 14, 2016 morning, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gu Guobiao  and his party of 15 people, accompanied by Deputy Mayor Du Xinjun etc visited  Anyang Forging Press Company. The chairman of Anyang Forging Group Ms Liu Wei, general manager Mr Chen Xian’an and other company leaders accompanied the visitors visited Anyang Forging Press Company’s machining shop and assembly workshop, they talked about Anyang Forging Press Company’s product research and development, technological innovation and company development in recent years .

Academician Mr Guo very concerned about the development of China's construction machinery industry. As China forging hammer leading manufacturer, and national manufacturing standard of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, electro hydraulic forging hammer, pneumatic forging hammer, Mr Guo looked forward to this visit very much.
Anyang Forging Press

Anyang Forging Press
CNC hydraulic die forging hammer
Mr Guo was very interested in Anyang’s Automatic CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer Production Line
Mr Guo noted that this production line is China first set CNC precision closed die forging production line, he was very appreciated it and showed that he will support it greatly in future. Mr Guo mentioned that research and develop intelligent, automated equipment is consistent with the direction of China and world manufacturing development, China’s manufacturing industry transformation realize the full automation is an inevitable trend in recent years, it will also lay the foundation for future intelligent production. He earnestly hoped that the project will be put into the market soon.

Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956, which is the biggest manufacturer of forging hammer in the world, it drafted China National manufacturing standard of forging hammer, which can offer design, research and development, manufacture, production. Anyang Forging Press Group can provide complete set forging machines including closed die forging equipments(CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammerelectro hydraulic die forging hammerfull hydraulic die forging hammerround steel bar shearing machine grinding steel ball skew rolling mill etc), free forging machine(pneumatic forging hammersingle frame free forging hammerdouble frame open die forging hammerbridge type open die forging hammer, hydraulic free forging pressring rolling machine etc) and forging auxiliary machien(forging manipulator, forging charger , key driver machine etc) , also Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. can offer worldwide customers forging solutions, choosing forging machines advice, forging technic design, forging machines etc services. Till now, Anyang Forging Press Company already exported its forging machines to USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Russia etc 66 countries.

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