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Anyang Forging Press Company Gunfire Commitments

 In August, 2015 Anyang Forging Press Company received one forging production line from Turkey customer, which including C92K-31.5kj CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, Precision hydraulic round bar shearing machine, Cross wedge roll machine, furnace and trimming press.

PLC control hydraulic die forging hammer
Overcome the fear of war between Russia and Turkey, Anyang Forging Press successfully finished installation and commissioning of the whole forging production line in January, 2016. 

Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956, which is the biggest manufacturer of forging hammer in the world, it drafted China National manufacturing standard of forging hammer, which can offer design, research and development, manufacture, production. Anyang Forging Press Group can provide complete set forging machines including closed die forging equipments(CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammerelectro hydraulic die forging hammerfull hydraulic die forging hammerround steel bar shearing machine grinding steel ball skew rolling mill etc), free forging machine(pneumatic forging hammersingle frame free forging hammerdouble frame open die forging hammerbridge type open die forging hammer, hydraulic free forging pressring rolling machine etc) and forging auxiliary machien(forging manipulator, forging charger , key driver machine etc) , also Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. can offer worldwide customers forging solutions, choosing forging machines advice, forging technic design, forging machines etc services. Till now, Anyang Forging Press Company already exported its forging machines to USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Russia etc 66 countries.

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