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Sierra de cinta horizontal para metal

It is mainly used for sawing various ferrous metal, for example, round ingot, square ingot, section material. The structure of sawing machine is reasonable with stable and reliable performance and high precision. And incision is narrow and waste is small. It is narrow and waste is small. It is an ideal equipment for middle and small lot.


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Sierra de cinta horizontal para metal
Modelo Tamaño máximo de corte
Velocidad de la sierra de cinta
Tamaño de la sierra de cinta (mm) Modo de operación fijo Modo de tensionado de la cuchilla de la sierra Potencia total de la máquina Dimensión total de la máquina(mm)
G4230  300 25/36/47/58/80 34x1.1x3860 Torno hidráulico Manual 3.75kw 1970x1320x1570
G4240  400 25/35/50/65/83 34x1.1x4650 Torno hidráulico Manual 4.1kw 2400x1100x1730
G4250  500 30/50/65 41x1.25x5920 Torno hidráulico Manual 6.6kw 2150x990x1150
G4260  600 25/43/68 54x1.6x7220 Torno hidráulico Hidráulico 9kw 3600x1100x2300
G4270  700 25/43/68 54x1.6x7150 Torno hidráulico Hidráulico 9kw 3700x1100x2300
G4280  800 18/30/60 67x1.6x 8860 Torno hidráulico Hidráulico 11.25kw 4130x2150x2500
G42100  1000 26/38/58 67x1.6x10000 Torno hidráulico Hidráulico 17.2kw 4260x1650x2900
G42150  1500 15-80 67x1.6x15200 Torno hidráulico Hidráulico 20.7kw 6800x2100x3800

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