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        My company and chongqing construction group signed 16 KJ, 63 KJ with two numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer, in on January 8, 2009, passed the acceptance, the stable, effective comprehensive performance is obtained the customer high praise and the high praise.

C92K-16 KJ numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer

C92K-63 KJ numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer

        With the vigorous development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the forging industry in China also welcomed the opportunity of rapid development. As we all know, forging has been a bottleneck in the development of China's forging industry, the successful development of the company numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer, to fill a number of gaps in China's equipment manufacturing industry added an indelible mark, breaking the historical dependence on imports of this product, own modest contribution for the development of the motherland forging industry, has brought great economic benefits for the forging of users.

        In early 2008, our customer Chongqing Construction (Group) After several months of careful inspection, contrast, after detailed analysis and comprehensive assessment of that company technology is mature, strong, good service, superior product performance, cost-effective. And I'm anxious users are worried about the position of a customer point of view, practical and effective technical solutions specifically for the customer for the customer situation set to get a larger customer satisfaction and deeply touched. In May 2008, the company through competitive bidding, and Chongqing Construction Group signed 16KJ, 63KJ two CNC hydraulic forging hammer.

        After nearly eight months of production development, on January 8, 2009, 16KJ, 63KJ two numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer acceptance, the performance indicators are the technical requirements of the Chongqing Construction Group, stable and efficient integrated performance has been highly praised and praise.